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Chennai Corporation under concern over huge crowds thronging fish markets, beach

- July 22, 2021

Chennai, July 22(BPNS)

The Greater Chennai Corporation is under concern over the uncontrolled crowd in markets including fish markets and vegetable markets in Chennai city as well as in Marina beach.

While Marina beach is out of bounds for general public after Covid -19 restrictions, the police and authorities are not able to control the crowd that reach the beach even on weekdays.

People who reach the adjacent loop market to buy fish also reach the Marina beach and this huge crowd on the beach is totally in violation of the Covid protocols.

Most of the people who reach the beach are also not wearing masks and not maintaining social distancing. This is also a major cause of worry to the Greater Chennai Corporation as well as the state health department.

Tamil Nadu minister for health, Ma Subramanian while speaking to BPNS said, “The government will take strict action against those who violate Covid protocol and throng the Marina beach. This cannot be allowed and the police and health department will take strong action against the violators.”

Police have barricaded the Marina beach but people enter through the side road that leads to the Loop market and most of the people are wearing masks on their jaws. People are not listening to the repeated pleas of the police.

A senior doctor with the state health department while speaking to BPNS said, “it seems that people are not aware of what is happening around and somehow after micromanaging the situation, the state has brought the active cases and fresh cases down. People thronging the markets and beaches without any hindrance would lead to a major spread and this has to be curbed with an iron hand.”

Another area is the Koyambedu vegetable market where also people are reaching in large numbers without adhering to proper protocol. Koyambedu market was once the focal point for super spread from Tamil Nadu as the truck drivers who frequent the market turned carriers spreading the disease to several South Indian states.

Senthilnathan, a wholesale dealer of Onions in Koyambedu market while speaking to BPNS said, “A large number of people including retail traders are frequenting this market but people are aware of the disease and the dangers associated with it. However, most of those who reach here are not maintaining social distancing nor wearing masks and this could turn into a major catastrophe if the concerned authorities don’t take action.”